Carnival of Souls

Melissa Marr has been on my to-read-list for a very long time now. Today, I was just going through the Goodreads page, looking for authors, books,... (like that's anything new), when I stumbled upon her newest book, Carnival of Souls. And I couldn't help myself and had to watch the book trailer. So take a look first, please.

I have to say I absolutely adore this trailer. Makes me want to read the book instantly. So I will be reading it as soon as I get my hands on it! :D

What is even better is the book cover which I find absolutely terriffic and unique, and all kinds of perfect.

Isn't it pretty?

Now, where was I? Oh, yes. As I was saying, I was watching the book trailer and heard a song. Yup. Like always. My obsession with books and music. And coffee. ;)

And haven't been able to put the song out of my head ever since.

Far From Home by Five Finger Death Punch

That would be it. Did you read the book already? What were your impressions? What about the trailer or the cover? Do you maybe listen to Five Finger Death Punch? Or will check them out now? I have discovered them just now but they are just the kind of sound I like so I will be listening more of them. :)

And am looking forward on getting my hands on that book. :)


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