Guest Post: John Emil Augustine Says Hello

 Today I am honored to welcome John Emil Augustine, the author of Love Seen from Hell, a novel about 21st century romance seen through the eyes and mind of a man. The second book, Love Seen from Heartache, comes out today, September 28th 2012.

Meet John here today through his own words. 

Credits: author's website.

Welcome John, and thank you for introducing yourself to us.

I've been a musician for a little over 25 years and have toured, performed, and written with some amazing musicians. I can't mention names because my anonymity is important. When you read the books, you'll understand why. I suppose there is at least one book in all that I've experienced on the road, but I've ended up writing about something very different which has also come from my experience. As feedback begins to come in, I am finding that my books hold extremely universal topics.

I, quite frankly, never wanted to write a book. It kind of happened accidentally. I wrote this story to try to help my friend, who is kind of my kid sister, after her abusive relationship. In wanting to tell it properly, it ended up being as long as a book! (My poor friend!) When I realized that it, in fact, was a book, I also realized that the topic, spousal abuse, was an important one.

Sadly, I had written a true story about my own abuse and therefore could not publish it. My ex would kill me! Perhaps literally. Then again, I thought, if I used a pen name...well, then I might be able to make my point for someone else who might need the encouragement to get through a tough relationship like I had...without getting myself into trouble. So I copied and pasted it from facebook, made the story look nice, worked out the kinks (mostly), and BAM! A labor of love was born.

Growing up, I read Updike among others. The Temple of Gold by William Goldman sticks out in my mind as well. Then I got tired of fiction and moved on to biographies of musicians. The one I read about Elvis was terribly sad, and the about book about Bud Powell was so horrifying that I couldn't get through it, well written as it was. So I stopped with the biographies. The next progression for me became reading about the human race and that included anthropology, religion, communication, education, sociology, and anything else that seemed to be interesting. Stuff I am reading now and will continue to read throughout my life is Martin Buber's I and Thou, Words from a Man of No Words by Shree Rajneesh, Spiral Dynamics by Don Beck and Chris Cowan, and I have recently started The Dull Knives of Pine Ridge by Joe Starita.

My forte in music as well as in writing has always been storytelling. When I taught English, it was fun to break out a story from my younger years and see the faces of the class (K-12 at first, but later adults in college classes from 18-60) and realize how important storytelling is to us as humans. People love a good story. So what I am doing in my books is a lot like writing lyrics or telling a story to one of my classes: I am doing what I have always done but with a few more years of wisdom now behind me. Hope that gives you and idea of what is going on with the Love Seen series. Book 2 is now out (September 28th) and a book three is a Word doc right here on my computer. It is in the works for release probably at the beginning of next year.

A quote from my website about Love Seen From Hell, Book 1: 
"The realest romance you'll read this fall! Truthful and addictive, the first-person narrative looks at 21st century romance, marriage with children, and divorce from a regular guy’s perspective. Augustine delves deep into his own abuse, the hopeless place in which he finds himself during divorce, new beginnings, and his ordeal’s significance in retrospect."
Where to get it for free:
Anyway, thank you and happy reading!
John Emil Augustine

If John's words intrigued you even a little, be sure to stalk him online: 
P.S. It's on my to-read-list. *wink*


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