Hello world!

What to write as my first blog post? Hard question. Answer: have absolutely no idea. Maybe and introduction. Hm. Yeah, introduction so it is.

Now, me and my blog are finally saying hello to the world in hope that this post will be fun and hip enough to attract some readers. No? Never mind, I'm writing nevertheless. Here it goes.

Hi, my name is Maja (or if you, like I, prefer Maya) and I live in Croatia. A small country, small city girl who is just finishing her college degree in a years time. That's me. So in a year's time, I will have got (hopefully) my Masters degree in Teaching English and Croatian language and literature. Actually, teaching as a choice has come like a surprise to friends and family (including myself) since I have actually always wanted to become an interpreter and work for a big firm or in tourism. Well, plans change and you pick what suits you more. If really. But don't think I am all about school and professionalism. 

Nope. I absolutely love listening to music (almost every genre known to mankind), love reading and travelling, am absolutely addicted to Internet and coffee (although this I will admit that coffee is bad for me :D ), but, well, you know. Recently my brain has started writing stories of its own, only I never put them on paper. That is the reason behind creating this blog (and writing the crazy first post). Mostly I will just review what I am currently reading (so don't be surprised when the books I review come from the middle of some series xD ), or reviewing if I re-read some of the books I loved a lot, and you know, just write stupid things now and then if I wish to share something about music or travelling or anything else that strikes my fancy. But I'll try to stick to reviewing.

Well, that would be all. For now.


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