Rambler Birdie

An original idea? Or maybe not. But keep reading. :)

Created by The Rambling Readerista

As the blog description says, I am a rookie blogger. Maybe it is a little early for me to feature something on my blog, but I am just crazy enough to want to start something for the blogger community. Since my blog is named The Rambling Readerista I have thought it would have been a fun thing to feature a Rambler where people can just ramble about things they want to. It can be anything that strikes you at the moment and you want to share it with the world. You can ramble about: 
  • books, 
  • music, 
  • travelling, 
  • favourite authors or books, or books that should be made into movies,
  • or movies, 
  • artists, 
  • or just about anything else that strikes your fancy. 
Every ramble is quite welcome. You can ramble about things that are connected with blogging, web design or anything else that can help people around the blogging community, or give them something interesting to talk about, a way to connect people further with things that they have in common. 

As my blog is the host of Rambler, I will feature these kinds of posts quite often. I invite anyone who is willing to join to go ahead and post Rambles or just to comment on my Rambles. I just have one request, when you post a Ramble just use the Rambler Birdie Logo from above I have created, link this post or my blog (you know, for recommendation xD), and get in contact with me so that I can post your Ramble to the page on my blog and other people who come here can also read it. Everything else is entirely up to you! Oh, and label your posts with "rambler". :D

Now, how many times did I use the world "ramble" in this post? Up to counting anyone? Okay, no need to. Just comment what you think about my idea. If you want to. ;)


  1. Aw, I love the logo, and the idea! I might join you in rambling every so often ;)

  2. That would be a hundred shades of absolutely wonderful.:) Thank you, I was playing a little with photo editors


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