Early Review: His Larkville Cinderella by Melissa McClone

Ebook provided by NetGalley

Expected publication: October 30th 2012 by Harlequin 

Book Description (from Goodreads): 

The small-town girl with big dreams has finally reached Hollywood! For years, costume designer Megan Calhoun has longed to be seen for who she is, not who she isn't. But under the gaze of A-list heartthrob Adam Noble, this Cinderella begins to step out of the shadows….Adam hides from his painful past behind every role he plays. But something in Megan is threatening to smash apart this carefully constructed facade. Will he finally take his biggest risk…throw away the script and open his heart?

My Thoughts:

This is a classic, but enjoyable love story of a small town girl and a popular movie star. Another Cinderella story? Maybe, but with a modern twist. This a story of growing up, emotionally and (almost) literally. I am at a loss for words to describe this novel. Even though I am kind of disappointed with the book, I have still loved it. Maybe it's because I'm such a sucker for romance. Still, I have hoped for more. 

First of all, I have loved the character of Adam, and found it kind of ironic because, well, Adam is Adam and Megan is well a virgin and my sick mind immediately conjured up the idea of the Bible big sin which is kind of ironic since it was even who made a mistake and not Adam. But. Oh, well. You can't blame a mind for having crazy ideas.

What I found really cute is Adam's behaviour towards Megan. Every woman secretly hopes for that, even though we're not willing to admit. Also, considering  Megan, she really grows during the length of the book, even though it seems a little unrealistic because women today do not need men to help them grow, but whatever. She eventually finds her way, and it enables the reader to relate to her character because we have all sometimes found ourselves in a situation where we felt completely lost. 

The author's writing style? Easy to read, fun at times with a sincere dose of humor but also influenced with emotion of deep understanding and caring at times. Everything included makes the story complete and a relaxing read.

The heroine of the story is a virgin, so if you are looking for a something little extra, you will not find it here so better step away from this book. This is a romantic love story through and through, with a little heartache on the side. Like any great novel, we have to feel hurt to really know what love is. On that note, I am just mentioning that even as Megan learns and grows for herself, she also does some educating on a hardheaded, but nonetheless, cute actor. All in all, not bad.


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