Sunday Morning

Well, hello there, my readers. 

If you were wondering, yes, I am still alive and kicking. Just haven't been around the blog (or reading, for that matter, which is a real shame) due to my last year of college starting. You know, I had to get in touch again with a lot of people I haven't seen in three months. Oh well. Everything is forgiven, right, right?

I promise to be more consistent and organized in reading and reviewing now. Not so many reviews in a week, because I have to be industrious for my college classes, but I will be writing. I will not forget to devour more and more great books. :D

Now, it is Sunday in Croatia as I write, 9:20-something a.m., daylight saving time, or summer time, if you will, has changed last night, so I blame the clock for making me feel like something the cat dragged in. Which is quite funny because I should have gotten an hour more of sleep but apparently, that is not so with me. Hopefully this hot chocolate I am drinking this morning will make me feel much better. I just only wish I had some marshmallows to go with it. Oh, and cinnamon sticks. And chocolate cupcake. Om nom nom!

With happy thoughts I finish my Sunday Rambling. Now, how do you spend Sunday mornings? Do you love Sundays? What about the clock changing time one hour forward or backwards? Any other thoughts to share?

Until next ramblings,

~ Maja


  1. Hi, Maja. The fact that darkness arrives now at seven is so depressing... But days go by so quickly it will soon be summer again (well, maybe not that soon -just trying to look at the bright side here :)). Anyway, I've really enjoyed reading your post today and I've blogged it (I hope you like it). Come and visit! Best wishes, Monica.


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