Book Review: Gone Country (Rough Riders 14) by Lorelei James


Published December 11th 2012 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (first published December 1st 2012) 

Book Description (from Goodreads):

She’s a little bit country, and he’s…not.

Arizona businessman and long-lost McKay love child Gavin Daniels has been awarded sole custody of his teenage daughter Sierra for one year. In order to steer Sierra back on track after a brush with the law, he pulls up stakes and heads to Wyoming, looking for support from his ranching family...even if he isn’t sure where they fit in the McKay dynamic. He’s prepared for every contingency with the move: the less-than-enthusiastic response from his daughter, learning to run his corporation remotely, but he’s thrown for a loop when his new housemate, Rielle, is a whole lot sexier, funnier and sassier than he remembered.

Rielle Wetzler has finally overcome the stigma of having hippie parents and being a young single mother. In the two years since she sold her ailing B&B to Gavin Daniels, she’s become financially stable running the homespun businesses she loves. But now Gavin is in Sundance to claim the house that’s rightfully his. Although Rielle knew this day would come, she isn’t prepared to leave the home she built for herself and her now-grown daughter. And to further complicate matters, her long-dormant libido is definitely not ready to live with this newly buff Gavin—who isn’t a cowboy, but has the take-charge attitude to prove he’s all McKay.

Sharing a roof, their troubles and their triumphs is too much temptation, and before long, Gavin and Rielle are sharing a bed. But sharing their hearts and lives forever? That’s a whole ’nother ball of wax.

Warning: Contains a feisty, independent heroine who doesn’t need a man to take care of her needs outside the bedroom and a sweet, sexy and bossy hero who’s up to the challenge of proving her wrong

My Thoughts:

It would seem as though I hadn't read anything in the past just because I was waiting for my favorite authors and their releases. One of such is Lorelei James with her great Rough Riders series and her latest installment Gone Country. I have literally devoured this book and the release day could not come fast enough for me.

After reading thirteen books of this series, you would think you would get enough of it for the rest of your lives, but with me, that is not so. I absolutely adore this family of cowboys and their adventures into love, family affairs and a life in a small community where you are related to about 95% of the people. Seriously people, Lorelei got me hooked on these books from the very first one and doesn’t let up. I am so far from knowing anything about cowboys and that style of life, but having grown up under my father’s influence of old westerns, it was almost too easy to get me to read these books. And let me tell you, aside the different personal stories of the protagonists, Lorelei gives her readers a glimpse into the everyday lives of cowboys, even going to such a detail that you learn a great deal of how-to-do-things.

I, being so far from doing any real country work in my life so far, have been able to understand Gone Country protagonist’s point of view. Gavin Daniels is a forty years old man who has never met his real parent because he was adopted, and now, comes to find them in the small Sundance, Wyoming, a little town where everyone gets involved into his life and his family is enormous.  Like most of Lorelei’s characters, Gavin is an excellent example of family loyalty, life’s hard choices, and putting in some sweat and will to learn about the family and his heritage. 

It’s fun to read about his attempts to help his family in doing certain country-life chores, and as I have said, I have compassion toward the tycoon-city-boy Gavin. He’s doing his damnest to remember all the family members, which let me tell you has got me a little confused at times because I forget which rowdy child is which.  Also, Gavin is just all kinds of amazing and has a lot of qualities I personally appreciate. He is a wonderful single parent, which by no means is no easy task, devoted brother and son, he learns to forgive and forget the past, and rejoice to the future. He goes back to his roots, and I love that his love with Rielle was not love at first love, but that true kind of love that comes to be after people get to know each other thoroughly. They both had their insecurities and differences, but that is what true love is, right? Learning how to surpass them and gain your happily ever after.

This book isn’t the typical McKay book, but as Rielle’s daughter, Rory, says: “If it looks like a McKay, acts like a McKay…then it is a McKay.” It’s still a McKay. *grinning unashamedly* Even though this book brought a little change into the whole series, even though one book parts us from the end, I can’t help but notice that Lorelei James has brought in some peeks into new characters. Dalton and Rory’s story is a really intriguing one, although who knows what will happen with his story as it is (for the time) the last in the series. Also, there is Sierra Daniels. And Boone West. Oh man, oh man! What a character for a teenage boy. We can only hope for this series not to end any time soon because there seem to be some new stories finding their way to our hands. Not any less important, are the youngsters of the McKay bunch! 

Everything taken into account, I have enjoyed reading Gone Country, as well as other books in the series, and it would be a real shame for it to come to an end. I am at loss for words to explain my feelings toward this book, since it is such an important book, it announcing the ending of the series by pairing off one of the last two single McKay’s, but also announcing new books to come by introducing Boone West and Rory Wetzler. Have you got a chance to get your hand on this, or any other McKay book for that matter, don’t be afraid to pick it up and read it, because I promise you, you won’t regret it.

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