Book Review: Nauti Temptress by Lora Leigh

Published November 6th 2012 by Berkley Trade 

Book Description (from Goodreads):

The first in an all new spinoff series of the New York Times bestselling Nauti Boys series, now featuring the Nauti Girls.

The Mackay cousins—Natches, Rowdy, and Dawg—would do anything for family, so when former DHS agent Timothy Cranston drops off four sisters that Dawg never knew he had, there is no question: The cousins will protect and care for the girls, and their mother, because they’re family.

Five years later, Eve Mackay, the eldest sister, has graduated from college and settled in to life as a Mackay in Pulaski County, Kentucky. She works hard as a cocktail waitress and helps out at the bed-and-breakfast that Dawg bought for her mother. If she keeps herself busy enough, maybe she’ll be able to stay away from the man she promised Dawg she wouldn’t date, the man who has awakened her most ravenous fantasies…

He’s Brogan Campbell, a biker rumored to be a traitor and a thief. But he’s just playing a part; he came to Kentucky for a DHS mission that no one, except Cranston, is supposed to know about. Eve is the key to the whole operation, and his orders are to get her participation. But his need for Eve has nothing to do with stolen secrets and the safety of the country…

When Dawg took in Eve and her sisters, he warned them that if they ever lied, cheated, or betrayed the family, they risked losing everything. But desire and danger are locked in an inescapable embrace, and Eve has to make her choice between family or Brogan, for better or worse…

My Thoughts:

I regret to say this, but this book has come out as a little disappointing to me. For it being a start of a spin-off series for The Nauti Boys series, I have expected much much more. Don’t get me wrong, there are parts of the book that are just all the Lora Leigh characteristics that make her such an awesome author, with her interloping erotic romance and criminal history, but the Nauti Temptress book has left me feeling as if something is missing. Kind of like the author wanted more to say but ran out of ideas because most of the background to the story was actually solved in the original series. I think we were all hoping to see the Nauti Boys’s daughters taking part in the Nauti Girls series, but we are actually introduced to a completely new set of characters. It feels kind of stretched too much for my taste. Different from what I am accustomed to when reading a Lora Leigh book, the last few of her books, including this one, have given me a mediocre enjoyment in reading.

Also, this book contains some strange loopholes. So, Dawg gets this whole new family with four sisters and their mother. Overstretch it a bit? Also, why the all the confusions with Brogan’s job as an agent, as though he himself doesn’t know what he is really investigating. Probably that’s because The Nauti Boys are there. It was so nice to see they are still young and kicking ass whenever they go, quirky and still the badass alphas we got attached to. On the other hand, the heroine, Eve, is a typical Nauti MacKay with attitude and “balls” but without the hell raising activities. Although, I think it is a part of what was missing in the book. She was just not the overconfident heroine that this series needed if it was going to be the continuation to the original series.

There is not so much for the romantic suspense in the book, only some background dilemmas about the family curse still pertaining the town’s history and surrounding the MacKay’s Nauti Boys. I don’t really get what was the need for all the undercover agents just popping out of shadows every few pages. It just makes the story all the more confusing. Except for the usual Lora Leigh romance, there is still some work to be done on the love story and relationship between Brogan and Eve, and I didn’t really get the usual “vibe” between the two.

I think I waited too impatiently for this book to get published and expected too much from it under the influence of the awesomeness of the Nauti Boys so that’s why I wasn’t able to enjoy the book fully. Still, I am interested on what will happen with the rest of the female characters introduced, so I will probably pick up the next ones.

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