Bye-Bye 2012!

Oh maaaan. I know I have promised to write these rambler posts more often, and I have not done so. Maybe because there is not much I have wanted to say. Well, I think New Year's Eve is a perfect one for a rambler, don't you think?

I have seen this past days that a lot of bloggers and authors write posts about  their achievements this past year, and what they hoped to achieve in the next, so I thought to put a theme rambler of my own.

My past year has not been that eventful. My family has had some personal losses which has had an enourmous impact I would say, on every one of us in a different way. But I guess that is part of life. You just have too keep on going. No matter how hard it gets, not matter that you sometimes just want to give up, you just have to keep going. Sometimes, that is only that will save your sanity.

After this, all I have wanted was to go somewhere and enjoy good music. Music is often my saviour, let me tell you that. So, I have borrowed money from my father (I am a student, which authomatically means penniless, what did you expect?), bought myself a Red Hot Chili Peppers ticket for their European tour this year where they took a stop to Croatia. And I have to say, they really did deliver. I don't think they could have been any better, even if they wanted to. 

The stage setting was just the most gorgeous one, but there are too many pics for me to choose from, so I have chosen this one, with random people from the audience.
Also, the most awesome internationally famous Croatian duo, 2cellos, played almost a full hour that concert and I have loved loved loved them. They are such a talented bunch (handsome, too, so ladies you know where to go find a hot guy :D). Also, you can spend your summer vacation here from June to September, we don't mind!

2cellos on the big screen. :)
Then, I started this blog back in September, but still did not established a particular blogging schedule, blogging when I feel like it (yep, my Ramblers), or when my college work allows me to read and review. But then, this only a personal blog to share my personal thoughts on what I have read, so there is no pressure like some other blogs I have encountered outthere that have strict blogging plans for months or even years in advance. Oh, well.

As I have mentioned everything already, I would just like to say goodbye to 2012 and welcome 2013, and may it be much better and happier that 2012. For the world and for me. :)

To the people all around the world, whether you have already welcomed the 2013, or will welcome it soon, have a great year ahead of you and don't allow anything to get you down!



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