Well Hello There New Blog Design!

About half a month ago I have asked Lisseth from Read-A-holiZ if she still designs blogs for free. She does btw, but just in case she starts charging it soon, go over to her blog and visit this link and find out more about her designs. If you snoop around her blog a little you will find some posts (one such as this one, my favourite since I'm mentioned in it xD) where she also mentions her designs and take a look at the blog roll on the left sidebar.

So, back to the point. Lisseth was gracious enough to put up with me and my crazy brain that could not make up its mind on what it wanted in a blog banner and a matching blog button. So, thank you Lisseth for that! It's never easy dealing with an Aries. *wink* Oh!, now you know what my horoscope sign is. There I go with my rambling again.

Don't mind me, but take a look at this great banner and blog button Lisseth has made for me:

but me, being the lazy person that I am decided to play a little and just colour the banner and the button so that it matched my current coloring and style without me having to make extreme changes with the current blogger template. So, this is what I have come up with:

Even though I love Lisseth's design, I was thinking of putting up the one with the ocher colouring because I like it very much and having it as a background of my blog for some time now, have gotten quite accustomed to it. I pay a lot of attention to detail and just wasn't completely satisfied while trying to adjust the colour and the style in the template, so I decided to just put some ocher to the original blog banner and button. Those of you who have been reading my blog have seen a variety of designs already, so you have seen how hard it is for me to decide this.
So, that would be all. If you want to take a chance with the amazing talent that is Lisseth, be sure to check out her blog and designs!

Tell me what you think about the new... well, almost new... design(s) in the comments bellow.

Until next ramblings,

~ Maja


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