Review Policy

Reviewing what I read is not a business for me. It is of my own free will if I want to help the authors I love and put in a good word. Maybe something I read I won’t love, but then also I will say it. First of all I want to be sincere in my reviewing and the point is to just get my thoughts out there and to share my opinion with the world.

Through this page I hope to invite authors, publishers and publicists to Contact me if they have a book for me to review. I know I don’t have much experience in your line of work, but I am an avid reader and willing worker so it won’t be any problem for me to write an honest review. A timetable won’t be a problem because I read fast and am not afraid to pull an all-nighter if the need be. Feel free to contact me, please!

I absolutely love every genre of literature so that would not represent a problem. Nevertheless, my genre list of the books I have read the most: chick-lit, contemporary, fantasy, fiction, historical fiction, paranormal, magical realism, romance, young adult and new adult

However, I can not accept non-fiction books! I am more into reviewing books that is in a series.

Also, I really do not have a preference for either a print copy or an ebook (preferably PDF, EPUB or MOBI) copy. I will read a book  any format I can get. I post here on my blog, The Rambling Readerista, and Goodreads.

Netgalley or Edelweiss Galleys are most welcome!

My review posts include:
- Book Cover, Release Date, Publisher
- Book Description (usually from Goodreads)
- My Thoughts (which is just a nice name for my review  :D )
- Links to the Author (FB, Twitter, Goodreads, website)
* If there is anything else you recquire in my post, just let me know.


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